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Graceful and Fragrant
Benisashi-Ume: Wakasa’s Red Marble Plum.
An umeshu for wine drinkers.

Mikata Five Lakes
The five lakes are different colors because of their varied depths and salt content.

Plums are picked one-by-one, carefully and tenderly.

Around the Mikata Five Lakes, about 70,000 plum trees are grown. In early March, the scent of plum blossoms fills the air.

Plums have grown around the Mikata Five Lakes area since the Edo period. (Around 180 years ago)
Benisashi-Ume is tender and not fibrous like other plums. It has less acidity and tastes mild. The plum is green, with a pure red color on its bottom. That’s the reason for the name Benisashi.
Benisashi means “red marbling”. It’s a beautiful and good tasting plum grown in Wakasa.
Rouge Eclat is a wine like liquor made with this special plum. Its elegant and fruity plum aroma, good acidity, and sweetness balance well for dinner time. We recommend chilling it before drinking.
We collaborate with cabin attendants of ANA to produce this line of umeshu.

Umeshu Rouge Éclat [500ml]